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HomeThis site will discuss the control of Candida and a long term health solution and diet.
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Frequently asked Q&AFA&Q
Anemia, Vit & MinCould candida overgrowth affect vitamin and mineral absorption
Asthma , Allergies and SinusitisAsthma , allergies , and Sinusitis how they are affected by candida overgrowth
Auto immune, RA,LupusCould Candida overgrowth be related to Auto immune disease such as RA and Lupus
Candida Die OffCandida Die Off causes and symptoms
Candida Diet a Typical DayCandida Diet a typical day on the candidahouse control plan
Candida More InformationCandida in depth Information
CELIACS , IBS, COLITIS, ectCould Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), Celiacs Disease,Colitis and Candida be connected?
CFS, Fibromyalgia,Lymecould your Cfs , Lyme or fibromyalgia be related to candida overgrowth
Diabetes & SugarSugar regulation problems and the Candida connection to diabetes
Genital HerpesReducing Viral Flare ups such as herpes
Hormones & ConceptionCould candida overgrowth effect female hormones , conception, pregnancy, and other female problems
Leaky Gut SyndromeHow Leaky Gut is connected to Candida Overgrowth
Liver CleanseLiver toxicity and candida overgrowth
Nervous System & BrainCould nervous system problems be related to candida overgrowth
Osteoarthritis &GoutCould Candida overgrowth be connected to Osteoarthritis and Gout
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