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Treating Candida overgrowth with antibiotics does not work because they kill off good bacteria and Penicillin based antibiotics are too similar to candida.

Antifungal drugs can create more resistant strains of fungus and the yeast simply multiplies with great speed due to the high alkaline pH that develops in the blood.

Why don’t some Doctors accept Candida is a problem?

Some doctors deny that Candida infections exist, in spite of the evidence this is understandable if they have been prescribing penicillin based antibiotics for years which are just candida in a capsule. This becomes part of the problem and is obviously responsible for many misdiagnoses and unnecessary suffering and pain.


The most common species, Candida Albicans is a yeast type fungus similar to the fungus used to make penicillin, it is a dimorphic life form, which means it has two stages in its life cycle.

 Candida begins as a simple sugar-fermenting, budding yeast which lives inside your gut breaking down sugars mainly sucrose (cane sugar ) and maltose into food for the body this is a good thing, unfortunately a western diet is full of to many refined sugars ,cane sugar is added to many packaged food and drink this over feeds the candida, many medications, especially antibiotics, also help the Candida colonies to grow even faster.

 Left unchecked Candida will impair your digestive system by off-setting your Probiotic balance, a serious condition called dysbiosis, which in itself can cause serious gut symptoms.

The intestinal flora,  comprising about 400 species of bacteria  and some billions of individual  bacteria, form a fine film on the inside of the intestines.

All nutrients must pass through this flora, which alters and filters them.

 This bacterial colonization has grown up along with evolution, and has, adapted itself to the interests of the body as a whole.

As candida overgrowth continues in to the second stage It can develop into Rhizoids that take deep root in your intestinal walls these Intestinal mucous membrane changes impair the absorptive abilities of the membranes and the end result is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome.

This may lead to candida spreading through the body and taking many toxins with it this effects the body in many ways, overloading the liver and other organs that detoxify the body, confusing the body’s endocrine system affecting hormones, confuse the immune system causing inflammation and allergic reactions on the skin or in the joints, and generally running the body down so it can not perform at its best.   

 The common thread with candida overgrowth and disease is the vicious circle that can develop as disease is treated with western medicine and this in turn may increase candida overgrowth.

You have probably heard about candida before there are hundreds of treatments available and some of these may work but my experience has shown that only this 3 way attack on candida overgrowth is effective, it can give long term relief gently pushing candida back to where it belongs, repairing leaky gut and dysbiosis, and if symptoms start to return after antibiotic use or poor lifestyle the plan can be repeated for a shorter time to top up resistance.


Factors that can make you more vulnerable to a Candida overgrowth:


Old age

Warmer climates

Immune system deficiencies

Broad spectrum and penicillin based antibiotic treatment.

Contraceptives and pregnancy.

Chemotherapy and immunosuppressive medications such as systemic steroids.

Endocrine conditions.

Serum Iron deficiency

Consuming foods injected with antibiotics.

A  diet high in cane sugar

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