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Have you tried every diet and pill on the market with little success?

Do you realize that your weight problem and many other health complaints may be a symptom of Candida overgrowth? 

By concentrating on treating the underlying problem of Candida overgrowth you may be able to loose weight keep it off and improve overall health.


Candida overgrowth may lead to leaky gut syndrome which may lead to candida and other toxins spreading through the body.

As the bodys major systems are affected secondary problems associated with Candida overgrowth such as  weight gain may occur.

 A number of the problems associated with loosing weight and staying with a diet are sugar cravings, a person with candida overgrowth will often crave sugar and simple carbohydrates because this is the main source of nutrients for candida.

 The low carbohydrate diet has always been effective for its ability to reduce weight even when other diets have failed but some  important benefits of a low carbohydrate diet such as controlling candida overgrowth are usually lost in our obsession with weight.

Low GI (glycemic index) Diet

The low GI diet is basically the same as a candida  diet, its main effect is to cut out foods high in cane sugar, except you can still have yeast and fungus foods so if you were going to attempt this diet why not get rid of Candida at the same time in fact the GI diet may cause candida to flare up when it is stopped.

The  3 way candida control  plan cuts out cane sugar and therefore most of the bad carbohydrates, as candida is controlled sugar cravings may  be a thing of the past.

Mood swings and depression are often associated with the rapid change in blood sugar levels that may be caused by candida overgrowth which may contribute to eating disorders. 

Gas and bloating can be caused  by the fermentation  of food and drink in the Gut as gas is produced, just like in Champaign and beer.

Surgical intervention is being used regularly to reduce stomach size so only small amounts of food can be ingested, as candida is controlled in the body the stomach may shrink as it is no longer expanded with gas from fermenting sugars.

Controlling Candida overgrowth can make a big difference on how easy you will be able to lose weight and keep your weight off.

Candida overgrowth may produce many different toxins known to wreak havoc with the immune system and may also contribute to hormonal problems. 

One candida waste product produces a false estrogen, which tricks the body into thinking it has produced adequate levels, signaling a reduction of its own estrogen.  

Similar messages can also be sent to the thyroid, reducing thyroxin production and initiating or worsening a hypothyroid problem which can be connected to weight gain.

A family that completes a candida control plan will learn to eat well and control sugar intake leaving them with a lasting way of controlling weight and health. 

Sounds too simple well lets face it weight is just a balance of energy in to energy out and cutting out cane sugar will eliminate 90% of junk going in , you can still eat good food it’s worth a try and much better than failing health or an operation. 

There are thousands of weight control programs available some tell you how to eat , some make your meals for you , some replace meals with low fat drinks, some replace carb's with proteins, at the end of the day food is addictive and a change is necessary  that can only come with determination, good luck. 

Remember Alternative Medicine can work in with Western Treatment

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